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Now, he can eat the cookie

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  • Grabbed a christmas gift under the tree
  • Me: Ian tingin mo ano to?
  • Ian: (sees the gift) A book
  • Me: But it's too thin
  • Ian: I know!
  • Me: ANO?
  • Ian: It's a thin book!
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“Can you imagine how much easier it would be if I am with you?”
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The Witch’s story.

She woke up even before the sun came up…She  didn’t want anymore nightmares from sleeping. Her room was a big stone chamber that was filled with darkness just like an abyss. She walked up to the mirror and stared at the bruises and cuts especially the ones on her wrists. The people didn’t do the cuts though. It was the monster. Her. Her eyes looked at the face in the mirror and all she saw was the pain inside that people inflicted at her but there was nothing she could do. She was a witch. Everyone’s angry at a witch and why wouldn’t they? Witches make bad spells, they hurt everyone and they’re ugly. She blinked, stopping the thoughts that always hurt her brain. She put the best and the prettiest clothes she could find in her closet which, to say, was not much. She twirled around which, to say again, not much. It was a black chiton with a bare back which showed the only part of her body that was not scarred and then she remembered that aside from that every part of her were scarred. She chanted and after a minute or two the scars became invisible. It won’t last long. Just enough. Just enough until the ball ends. Yes, she was going to the ball and not to do something evil she was going to the ball to see the prince. It was a long story. There was this one full moon when she went to the river to get some fresh air and because she didn’t want anybody lighting up any fires or something she put her cloak again and hid the scars and that’s when she met the prince. She didn’t tell him her true identity though. The prince was brokenhearted and she tried to console him and so, almost every night until morning they meet up there and talk. And now, there she was invited to the ball. 

It was everything that her lair wasn’t. The castle was full of glorious lights and the people were dancing and singing with joy. They were beaming and greeting each other. They even greeted her. After she took off her cloak at the entrance everyone started talking to her. She thought they noticed that she was a witch but when they got near her they started complimenting her and asking her. The people were polite, nice and happy…This were the people who hates her so why are they so nice to her now? Oh, yes because right now she is  not a witch. Maybe this is how she was supposed to live if she was not a witch. Her  mind was reeling when the prince approached her. They started chatting again. They drank and laugh and talked but then, someone called him. She was wearing a red velvet dress with her hair loose to one side. She was perfect. She kissed him and then, he told her she was her future wife. After he told her that, the witch felt a throbbing pain in her chest and everything just became blurry and black. She heard gasps and screams and she saw his terrified face as he ran back inside with his guards. Someone grabbed her and tackled her down in the cold floor. Thats when she realized the area around her became black and her scars appeared again. They knew. They saw. There was a fire and she remembered them throwing her at it. She was screaming not because of the slow and painful burning of her  flesh. She was screaming the prince’s name but as the fire ate her all she could see was the anger and the disgust in his eyes. Thats when it hit her how stupid she was to think that she got to meet someone who likes her but no, she was a villain. A villain never gets the guy or anyone else. She ends up dying and everyone becomes happy and no one even remembers her at the end of the story…Everything was red then and the last thing I remember was people dancing and singing again. 

When you close your eyes, do you like what you see?

Is darkness a likable thing?

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  • Person 1: I care about you
  • Me: ...:)
  • P1 left...
  • Person 2: I care about you and I'l always be here
  • Me: Okay, I'll trust you
  • P2 left...
  • Person 3: I'll never leave you
  • Me: I know
  • P3 left...
  • Person 4: I love you
  • Me: Yeah, whatever
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Anonymous asked:
Top 5 people you miss right now

Piano Buddy
Lasagna (I consider lasagna as people)

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Are you still awake?

So am I.

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If you are not ashamed of Jesus, reblog.

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